Burial Funerals

A funeral is an important event and if you require an elaborate funeral, an environmentally friendly funeral, religious or non-religious, or low budget funeral, we feel we can meet everyone's needs.

So you have decided on a burial...

The cost of a Burial is usually more than a Cremation.

Below are price guides. Please be aware, that we can tailor the price to suit your personal preferences and budgets.

Price GUIDE for Hull Burial

Please note:
Some prices are approximate and some are paid directly to the provider.

Our Charges £2,915

Which include: If your loved one died locally, a removal from perhaps; the Hull Royal Infirmary, the use of our chapel of rest and you have a "Hawthorn" plain wood effect coffin and had a hearse and one limousine with all our services.


Disbursement Fees

The Minster or non-religious celebrant £248
Grave £1,290


Please Note:
Price based on a new grave for two for burial at a Hull Cemetery. This fee is for the purchase of a family grave for 10 years only. After that time the Council make a charge of £29 per year. At our first meeting with you we will discuss how many years you wish to purchase (up to a maximum of 100 years).


*There are cemeteries and churchyards surrounding Hull and fees vary greatly, depending if you are resident in those areas or not, some will be cheaper some more expensive. If you own a grave now in Hull that was dug for two burials and wish to re-open it, then the fee for the cemetery would be £990 instead of £1290 for a new grave.

Cemetery: £125

Please Note:
The Cemetery chapels in Hull are no longer in use (except for the Eastern Cemetery Chapel). However the Chanterlands Crematorium Chapel is available for a service before travelling to the chosen cemetery for the burial.

Total: £4,578

Please Note

We can tailor the price to suit your personal needs.

Other costs to consider:
If the service is held in Church first: £92
The coffin taken home before funeral: £140
Headstone: £800



We do ask for a deposit to cover the disbursements. In this example it would be £1,725. This can be paid by cash, cheque, credit/debit card or by electronic bank transfer and is payable on the day the arrangements are made, or the next day if you need to visit the bank or building society to obtain the funds.

Payment in full is required before the funeral takes place, if you normally reside outside of the U.K.

For those residing in the UK, the final balance is due 28 days following the funeral.

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For further information and to organise a funeral please call us at any hour on:
01482 354036
We are always happy to offer our advice.

Additional Choices

Keepsakes & Memorials

Something for remembrance for you and your family to hold on to. Click here to visit our Keeping Memories site which has been designed to be shared with younger or sensitive family members, as it is focused on memories rather than the funeral.