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A funeral is an important event and if you require an elaborate funeral, an environmentally friendly funeral, religious or non-religious, or low budget funeral, we feel we can meet everyone's needs. We offer a bespoke service to all customers as well as packages shown below which can be tailored to your requirements and are usually better value as they include many items listed as additional products on the standardised price list.

For a quick and simple guide with advice to learn about arranging a funeral

Direct Cremations

Unattended Cremation Packages starting from £1,597


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Direct Cremations

Cremation Funerals

Cremation Funerals Packages starting from £3,996

We can tailor the price to suit your personal needs.

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Cremation Funerals

Burial Funerals

The cost varies depending where the burial takes place. Holderness Villages have lower fees than Hull Cemeteries.

Burial Funerals starting from £4,519

However, we can tailor the price to suit your personal needs.

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Burial Funerals

Additional Choices

Keepsakes & Memorials

Something for remembrance for you and your family to hold on to. Click here to visit our Keeping Memories site which has been designed to be shared with younger or sensitive family members, as it is focused on memories rather than the funeral.