About You

When plunged into the unfamiliar world of funerals, it simply does not matter what others have done before. It can be personalised to suit your needs.

You may be anxious, confused and perhaps any emotions you have not experienced before will make you wonder how you can arrange the funeral objectively.

The main point of us helping you to arrange a funeral is that is should reflect what YOU want it to do. Give some comfort, have purpose, some meaning and to help you to get it right!

You are the client, you are in charge. Don't be intimidated by formality or custom, if you want simple ideas or complicated ones we will help you.

Feeling Confused?

We have put together a guide to help guide you after the death of your loved one. Please click on the button below:

What to do after someone dies

Our aim is that you will look back at this experience in say, six months time when your head is a little clearer and think...

"I did it right, I did the best for my loved one and it was appropriate, and the funeral directors were central to it."

Our staff understand some of what you may be going through... the closer you were to the person who died the more constructive help and emotional support you will need from us. Be assured everything will be carefully explained to you and options and alternatives pointed out.

Once the final decisions are made confirmation is given in writing including the estimated cost. If you think of something you would like after the preliminary arrangements are made simply ring us at anytime to change your mind or make a request. Nothing you can ask for will surprise our staff, even if you feel embarrassment asking for something that you feel may be regarded as unusual, do not worry, it will be taken care of with dignity and respect.

The Loss of a Child

No parent expects to outlive their children, we will do what we can to help give an appropriate funeral.

We offer a basic service at no cost.  If additional items or upgrade are required our charges will be modest and we have some choices you may find helpful and relevent.

"There is no foot so small it cannot leave an imprint on this world"