Cremation Funerals

A funeral is an important event and if you require an elaborate funeral, an environmentally friendly funeral, religious or non-religious, or low budget funeral, we feel we can meet everyone's needs.

So you have decided on a cremation...

The cost of a cremation is usually less than a burial.

Below are price guides. Please be aware, that we can tailor the price to suit your personal preferences and budgets.

Price List for Hull Cremation

Please note:
Some prices are approximate and some are paid directly to the provider.

Our Charges £2,705.00

Which include: If your loved one died locally, a removal from perhaps; the Hull Royal Infirmary, the use of our chapel of rest and you have a "Hawthorn" plain wood effect coffin and had a hearse and one limousine with all our services.


Disbursement Fees

The Minster: £215.00
or or
Non-Religious: £200.00
Doctors fees £164

at the hospital for completing The Cremation Forms (Two doctors)

Cremation fees, Chanterlands, Hull £760.00

(Haltemprice, Willerby is £909.00)

A notice in the Hull Daily Mail: £100.00
Total: £3,944.00

Please Note

We can tailor the price to suit your personal needs.

Other costs to consider:
If the service is held in Church first: £92.00
The coffin taken home before funeral: £140.00


We do ask for a deposit to cover the disbursements. In this example it would be £1230.00. This can be paid by cash, cheque or credit/debit card and is payable on the day the arrangements are made, or the next day if you need to visit the bank or building society to obtain the funds.

Payment in full is required before the funeral takes place, if you normally reside outside of the U.K

For those residing in the UK, the final balance is due 28 days following the funeral.

Simple Cremation Funeral Package



  • Our Charges, viewing in the Chapel of Rest
  • Hull Crematorium fee
  • Doctors Fees
  • Ministers Fee
  • Cardboard Coffin
  • Hearse & Bearers 

Please Note:
This would include the Funeral Directors services, attending to the minimum necessary arrangements, transfer from the place of death into our care during working hours (10 mile radius), dressing in our simple gown, cremation in Hull at a time convenient to us.

* Excludes a limousine
* No Hull Daily Mail notice

Full payment due at the time of arranging the funeral with us.

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For further information and to organise a funeral please call us at any hour on:
01482 354036
We are always happy to offer our advice.