Choosing a Funeral Director.

A funeral is an important event and if you require an elaborate funeral, an environmentally friendly funeral, religious or non-religious, or low budget funeral, we feel we can meet everyone's needs.

Choosing a Funeral Director is difficult if you don't know anyone from previous use, some people think they are all the same.

This could not be further from the truth, we invite your inspection of our premises and vehicles, call in and we will be proud to show you round and answer any queries, and give an estimate of cost without obligation.

We want you to understand what this firm is about and to know who you are dealing with, even before you contact us. Matching a voice to a face is always good.

Many national chains and local funeral directors will not publish their prices on the web, we have a policy of total transparency.

In compiling our brochure we have tried to make it as easy to understand as possible, with a simple question and answer style.

If there are any points you would like explained to you please ring 01482 352199 or email contact@mgartonandson.karoo.co.uk.

OUR FULL SERVICE BROCHURE IS AVAILABLE click on the button on the left

For a quick reference we give an example here of what most of our clients expect a funeral to consist of;

Most people ring our office asking for the cost of a cremation.

The cost of a cremation in Hull to include the Funeral Directors services, the wood effect coffin, bringing the deceased into our care, dressing the deceased, use of the chapel of rest, a Hearse and one limousine. four bearers, all fees paid to others, crematorium fees the minister, doctors fees, (unless the Coroner is involved) A notice in the Hull Daily Mail, and flowers for the coffin will be approx, £3956.50

You can make it more or less than this, but that is up to you.

(We would collect the ashes from the crematorium, have them in our safekeeping and await your instructions as to the the final method of laying to rest.)

Please note; we do not embalm the deceased as a matter of routine, but we keep the deceased in cool conditions in our refurbished mortuary facility.

In the majority of cases we believe embalming is not required, we think most of our clients would prefer the non-invasive cosmetic preparation that we endorse.

We will however, recommed embalming when the deceased needs to be kept in our care for a long period.

We do ask for a deposit to cover the disbursements, in the example above it would be £1251.50.

In general burials are more expensive, mainly due to varying cemetery fees, the deposit would be more click on "Our Brochure" above for further details.

The final invoice is sent on a few days after the funeral, and is payable a month after the funeral date.

A very Simple funeral;

If you wish for what we would call a very simple cremation i.e. the deceased brought into our care, no viewing at the chapel (closed coffin)

This would include the Funeral Directors services, attending to the mininmum necessary arrangements, transfer from the place of death into our care during working hours (10 mile raidus) our cardboard coffin, dressing in our simple gown, a hearse and bearers to meet you, for cremation in Hull at a time convenient to us.

Note; This Simple service specifically excludes a limousine.

*No viewing *No Hull Daily Mail notice *No flowers or any other services would be offered by us.

Full payment due at the time of arranging the funeral with us.

Our charges £2058.00 plus Hull Crematorium fee, Doctors fees. (unless a Coroners case) and a ministers fee. Total £3419.50

We may not be the cheapest and we are certainly not the dearest but you will see from all the information here we try to have fair charges for the high level of service we provide. Remember to compare like with like.

At first glance funerals can seem to be expensive, this is because the major part of the services we carry out are unseen by you.

A funeral account is in two parts. Our own charges and essential payments made on your behalf to others involved, for example; The crematorium, cemetery, ministers fees or optional extras. Should you wish us to order your flowers or/and put a notice in the newspaper, a full estimate will be given to you at the time of making the arrangements.

In detail, the fees to others are known as disbursements. The most common ones are;

Doctors fees (two Doctors £164.00) no fees if a Coroners case.

Church of England and Methodist ministers fees are £202.00

Roman Catholic £150.00

Humanist/non-religious from £200.00

Chanterlands Crematorium, Hull £717.50 (Hull City Council)

Haltemprice Crematorium, Willerby £875.00 (Dignity Funerals own this crematorium)

Hull Daily Mail main notice, (3 insertions) approx £100.00 depending on length.

Because of the sensitive and difficult nature of our business we assure you that great care and consideration is always given to the price charged and for good reason. Like any other business costs have to be met and investment continued to maintain the high standards our clients expect.

Trust, pride, respect and transparency are what we stand for, you need to be sure you appoint the right firm.

To help you make the right choice you may find it helpful to download a pdf leaflet from the "Natural Death Centre" at www.naturaldeathcentre.org click on "questions to ask a funeral director" (Its to the left side of the page under leaflets) we can meet all the recommedations suggested. Other firms probably cannot.

We would like you to consider that, for a few days, we are here to support you in one of the most difficult and unfamiliar times in your life.

Everyone here has a genuine desire to help, please make use of our expertise. If we do not have an answer to any query, we will certainly find out very quickly.

We believe cost is a factor in choosing a funeral director but cost alone can lead to disappointment with the standard of service provided by some businesses. We ensure good staffing levels allowing time to be dedicated to you and your needs. You will also find that our premises and vehicles are kept to the highest standards.

We are also are an accredited "Living Wage" Employer 2016. www.livingwage.org.uk

To compliment our service we offer help with:-

Music; We will obtain any music you may wish to make the service relevant and special.

We cannot use Utube due to copyright issues.

Anything you find on iTunes is fine and is our primary source.

Chanterlands Crematorium have their own system on line, but we order your choices on

your behalf.

There is no charge made to you for this service.

It can make all the difference between an ordinary service and feeling that you have created something that is a meaningful tribute.

We have professional musicians available, an organist, piper, buglar, a choir. The choice is varied, we are here to help and advise.

Readings and poems; We have reference works for your perusal, some you may not have come across before.

Floral tributes – We can supply a simple spray or elaborate pieces to suit your requirements.

Press notices – we can help word an announcement in the local or national newspapers.

Order of service sheets - we can help with setting out and wording


Burial or cremation?

There are choices to be made. There are two local crematoria, the Chanterlands Crematorium in Hull and the Haltemprice Crematorium in Willerby.

Local cemeteries for burial are located at the Northern and Western cemeteries on Chanterlands Avenue. The Eastern Cemetery, Preston Road. The recently opened Priory Woods Cemetery on Priory Road.

On the outskirts there are cemeteries at Cottingham, Anlaby, Hedon, South Cave and many small churchyards in the surrounding area.

A service can take various forms; religious or non religious. We can advise on music, any poems or readings.

Family members may wish to speak, whoever is taking the ceremony will call beforehand to introduce themselves and discuss what would be included.

The main purpose of the Funeral is to show respect and thanks for a life ended and provide comfort for the living. If friends and family wish to carry the coffin into the service, we will help and guide.

You may not want to be troubled by too much choice at a time when it can be hard to make informed decisions, but we have everything and can do anything.

Our Mercedes Limousines Mercedes Hearse Draped in the Union Flag (others available)

There are many options open to you, we will do our very best for you and try to carry out any special request you may have.

The type of coffin.

We have a varied range of coffins available, from eco-friendly cardboard and willow coffins. Others with various personalised designs, and the traditional veneered and solid wood coffins.

M. Garton & Son Limited. Head office 546 Anlaby Road
Hull, East Yorkshire. Telephone: 01482 352199 (24 Hours)