In our daily lives contacting many organisations can be very frustrating!


The first thing to say is you will not be ringing a call centre, you won't have to press numbers on your keypad to be put through to the right department!


You won't be kept hanging on in a queue in the hope someone answers!


In these days of fast communication, we do things in the old way and simply answer the phone, in about 5 rings.

If we are engaged we apologise, if we get the 'bips' we dial 1471 to see who rang us.


After hours. A funeral director is on call, if the answerphone clicks in, they are either driving, with a client or on another call - leave a message we won't be long.


This is a small but important point I felt I should make, this is a caring family business that strives to give exceptional service from the begining.


Malcolm Garton



Contact us at:

01482 352199 - 546 Anlaby Road, Hull (Head Office) (Hours 9am-5pm Mon-Fri)

01482 354036 - 819 Hessle Road, Hull (9am-5pm Mon-Fri)

01482 781927 - 26 Chamberlain Road, Hull (Hours By appointment)

01964 670293 - Magdalen Lane, Hedon (Eric Walker) (Hours By appointment)

01430 422221 - 51 Market Place, South Cave (incorporating J.B. Morton & Son) (Hours by appointment)





Useful numbers;


Hull Registrars office The Wilson Centre, 1 Alfred Gelder Street, Hull. Tel;01482 300300 (all registrars are by appointment)


Cottingham Registrar, The Green, Cottingham. Tel; 01482 393565


Beverley, Hedon, Hornsea, Withernsea Tel; 01482 393600


Coroners Office, The Guildhall, Hull. Tel; 01482 613009


Haltemprice Crematorium, Willerby. Tel; 01482 671444


Chanterlands Crematorium and Hull cemeteries. Tel; 01482 614976


Other links;

For practical information on the Coroners proceedure, registering the death and many aspects of arranging a funeral click on;



The Bereavement Register


To stop unwanted mail being sent to the deceased, if you register it should stop most of it getting through.



Cruse Bereavement Care


"Somewhere to turn when someone dies"


Hull office telephone; 01482 565565


HERIB, Beech Holme, Beverley Road, Hull. HU5 1NF









We are members of The National Association of Funeral Directors, we adhere to their Code of Practice, click the link to their site and you will find very comprehensive advice on registering the death, a list of Charities, bereavement counselling, it covers many topics you may find useful;


Support for the bereaved and the dying;




General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from 25th May 2018

Due to the new regulations, we have to inform you of the data we keep and how it is used.

We will in the course of arranging the funeral take your contact details; name, address, phone number and email address. It is useful for us to have a second contact so we can communicate effectively up to and after the funeral.

We will need to share this information with for example; Crematoria, Cemeteries, Ministers of Religion or Funeral Celebrant.

Others may include Doctors Surgery's, the Coroners office, DWP, Solicitors, Stonemason's, Councils and Charities (if we forward any donations.) There may be others not listed here. 

We share your information with people and organations on a one-time basis i.e. for the purposes of organising the service or cremation/burial only.

Document retention 

The record of the funeral arrangements is usually kept indefinitely, this is useful for any future funerals we may arrange with you or your family, for instance it is useful to know who the minister or officiant was, and music played, after some years have past it has some historical importance.

We have traded as Funeral Directors since 1888 our records go back to the early 1900's we feel it important to preserve this heritage.

We are for accounting purposes, required to keep records for a minimum of six years.

We do not pass on information to marketing companies, and do not give out details without your permission.



M. Garton & Son Limited. Head office 546 Anlaby Road
Hull, East Yorkshire. Telephone: 01482 352199 (24 Hours)